Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutter

All aluminum accordion shutters are available in a variety of colors and offer the best protection for your home and belongings.  Accordion shutters are easy to operate from the interior or exterior of your home.


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Accordion shutters

Customers often ask us to install accordion shutters on their houses. As the name suggests, these shutters resemble accordions. They are made of multiple blades or panels which can be bunched together and pulled apart like an accordion – hence the name. Each blade is fitted with a wheel at both ends and these wheels move back and forth within a special groove at the top and at the bottom of the opening.

We can install an accordion shutter in different styles all in accordance with the customer’s preference. Generally, we consider the size of each opening that we want these shutters to protect, as well as how these fixtures will blend into the rest of the building’s architecture. In most cases the shutter is divided into two, with one half of it secured on either side of the opening – which could be a door, window, garage entrance, etc. To cover the opening all one has to do is pull the two halves together and secure them in the middle.

In some instances our technicians have to be creative as they install accordion shutters. Some of our customers who are conscious of their houses’ appearance request us to install their shutters so they are not visible when in use. To achieve this, our well experienced technicians can install the shutters so they are recessed into the wall next to the respective openings. This way our fixtures will not interfere with the home’s appearance. We can also install a shutter on one side of the opening or in the middle, depending on the circumstances. What our company emphasizes is the right of the customer to choose the type of shutter that best suits his/her property.

Our customers are thrilled with the accordion shutters we have supplied to them. Their acknowledgments are not just limited to the high standards of service we offer, but also extend to the quality of these shutters and the protection they provide against storms.