Aluminum Hurricane Shutters

Aluminum Hurricane Shutters

For aluminum roll down shutters look no further than Coastal Shutter Company

South Carolina’s Coastal Shutter Company supplies and installs a wide array of shutters in homes located along the East Coast. Shutters are useful for protection against storms and they also help to accentuate the beauty and value of a house. An additional benefit of installing high quality shutters is the deterrence of any intruders who may want to gain access to your house.

As soon as customers contact us we arrange for our sales team to assist them in determining the most appropriate shutter designs. Once these designs are agreed upon, our highly proficient technical crews swing into action to perform high quality installations without any undue delays.

Why our customers like roll down aluminum shutters

Many of our customers like roll down shutters because this design is unique in many ways. Typically, it is installed above the window. The shutter, when not in use, is rolled up and stored inside a box that our technicians have secured above the window. Deploying the shutter is simple and there are two ways this can be done. One way is by manually unrolling the shutter while the alternative is to unroll it automatically with the help of an electric motor. Once the shutter is unrolled its lower ends are secured in place by special clips that we’ll fix below the window. Therefore, it only takes a few minutes to secure each window.

We supply aluminum roll down shutters that are very easy to deploy, strong and durable

At Coastal Shutter Company we are concerned about the speed at which you can deploy a shutter; we don’t want the storm to arrive as you are still battling to deploy difficult shutters. Roll down shutters are excellent because it takes very little time to get them in place. Additionally, they don’t require much energy especially if you opt to go for the electrically-controlled type. With this type of shutter all you need to do is press a button and the shutter will unroll itself.

We have shutters made of aluminum which are available in many different colors. Aluminum is a good choice of metal because of its corrosion-free, strong, durable and lightweight properties. Its light weight makes it easy to roll the shutter up and down without much effort.

Aluminum roll down shutters are also strong enough to safeguard your house from storms. Additionally, when unrolled and secured in place, you can lock the shutter so that no one can force their way into your house. If you haven’t yet installed shutters in your house or would like to try the roll down type, feel free to get in touch with us. With the help of our sales team we will design and install the best shutters for your house, and unlike other suppliers we’ll give a lifetime warranty on all installations.