Charleston Shutters

Coastal Shutter Company: Shutters for your home’s reliable protection against tropical storms

Residents of the South Carolina coast often have to contend with the risks presented by tropical storms. During tropical storms the wind blows at very high speeds thus sending into motion very dangerous projectiles. Heavy wind-driven rains also inundate people’s houses.

At the onset of a storm, common sense requires all of us to rush indoors and ensure that we are safely barricaded. You may not be as safe as you’d like to be though unless you have shuttered all the openings in your house. We formed Coastal Shutter Company with the aim of supplying residents of the South Carolina coast area with reliable shutters that can help effectively protect their homes from the devastating effects of tropical storms.

How do Charleston shutters protect you and your property in a storm?

As you well know, a tropical storm is a violent weather phenomenon. Tons of loose debris is thrown around by high velocity winds traveling as fast as 60 miles per hour in some instances. To keep you safe and to protect your property we can install shutters for all the openings in your house. When a storm is about to hit your area you will only need to deploy these shutters as instructed by our technical team, so that all the windows and doors will be secured.

Our company supplies different types of Charleston shutters and we ensure that all the shutters we install are sturdy enough to withstand the force of wind, rain, and debris that swirls around during storms. If you have good quality shutters such as roll down aluminum or accordion shutters your window panes will be better protected from harm. These shutters will also ensure that your doors and windows are not blown away by the storm.

However, if your doors and windows succumb to the wind due to absence of shutters, you can expect to experience complete mayhem in your house. First, your roof is more likely to be swept away by the strong winds that will blow through your house. Secondly, the winds will drive torrents of water into your house thereby soaking up everything you own. There is also risk of outside debris finding its way into your house. These objects will come at you at high speeds and they may injure you. You will also have a lot of cleaning up to do after the storm.

Our warranty

Coastal Shutter Company takes customers’ safety very seriously and therefore we endeavor to supply high quality Charleston shutters and install them properly. As a sign of our commitment to our customers we offer a lifetime warranty for all shutter installations so that you will never again have to worry about tropical storms. Our services are prompt and we only hire well qualified and proficient staff.