Colonial Shutters

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Colonial Shutters in Charleston, Beaufort, Hilton Head, Bluffton and Savannah

We offer both decorative and impact rated Colonial shutters in  a range of styles including: raised panel, louver, board and batten and more in Charleston, SC  We use only stainless steel powder coated hardware in our installations.  Colonial shutters are available in a wide variety of colors, or we can custom match your color.  Our Colonial shutters come with either a 10 year or a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Since we started our business we have installed many colonial shutters for customers and they have reported complete satisfaction with them. Colonial shutters and Bahama shutters have one similarity – only one end is permanently fixed on the wall with a hinge so that the shutter can freely swing back and forth. The difference between the two is that we install a Bahama shutter at the top of the window and fit it with a pair of arms that a person can use to change the angle of the shutter’s inclination. A colonial shutter is fixed on the sides of a window rather than the top. We install both shutter designs outside the house.

Typically, two equal halves of the colonial shutter are attached on either side of the window. However, sometimes a customer can request that the whole shutter be installed on one side or we might find that there is less room on one side of the window implying that the two halves may not be exactly equal. What is most important for us is that the homeowner will be able to shut both sides of the shutter together and secure them in place with the horizontal storm bar that we provide.

Satisfied customers have told us that they love the character that colonial shutters add to their homes. This is in addition their strength and reliability. In most cases we install the shutter so its two halves can swing back and lie against the walls next to the window. When you look at such as house you will definitely see that each window has something beautiful on its sides and this is what gives a house a rustic colonial feel.

Coastal Shutter Company values inputs and opinions from customers and this is indeed why we don’t impose our choice of shutters on them. Instead we let them take the lead in designing their own shutters with assistance from our well experienced technical team. Consequently, our clients always get wonderfully designed and installed colonial shutters that not only beautify their homes, but also help to raise their home’s market values.