Discount Plantation Shutters

How homeowners save money when we install shutters on their properties

Well designed and fitted shutters are essential for houses built along the coast where tropical storms are frequent. Shuttered houses are better protected from the devastating effects of tropical storms. Shutters also help to increase the value of a house by making it look more attractive to potential buyers. The Coastal Shutter Company is a leading supplier of quality shutters in South Carolina. Our company’s main goal is to supply high quality shutters that homeowners can rely on for protection during storms. We also want customers to enjoy an additional benefit when we install shutters for them; we want them to save money.

How we save customers money with Discount plantation shutters

Our customers enjoy cash savings when we install discount plantation shutters on their properties. Homeowners are certainly pleased when we inform them that their insurance companies are willing to reduce their insurance premiums simply because they have had shutters installed on their homes. Insurers are willing to reduce premiums when a house is well shuttered as it is expected to sustain little or no damage during a storm; hence its owner will claim less compensation after a storm has hit. Insurance companies are giving our company and our shutters a vote of confidence by their willingness to consider insurance discounts on the basis of you having us install shutters in your house.

Shutters can reduce your energy bills

Discount plantation shutters can help you reduce energy costs in your house, which will translate into cash savings at the end of the month. American households typically spend a lot of money on air conditioning during very hot or cold weather. However, if you have louvered plantation shutters Charleston SC you can easily regulate the temperatures in your house without switching on energy-wasting electric air conditioners or fans. For instance, when the sun is very hot outside you can narrow the slits while keeping the windows adequately open to reduce the amount of sunlight coming through the window while allowing fresh air to enter the room. In winter when it is very cold outside you’ll do the opposite – shut the windows but open the slits to allow the little available sunlight into the room while keeping the cold air outside.

If insurance discounts and energy savings are not enough, we give lifelong warranties with each installation of plantation shutters Charleston SC. This ensures that our customers will never incur any further expenses with their plantation shutters Charleston SC. At the same time, having quality shutters fitted in your house helps to increase the home’s market value and also earn you some tax credits.