Hurricane Shutters Charleston SC

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People living in the idyllic South Carolina coast are acutely aware of the mayhem that can ensue during tropical storms; the high velocity winds and torrential rain can cause serious damage to people’s houses and properties, as well as inflict grievous bodily harm. This is indeed why we at Coastal Shutter Company work hard to ensure that our customers residing along the coast are well protected from the effects of tropical storms.

Our aid for protection comes in the form of hurricane shutters Charleston SC. These shutters serve a very simple yet critical purpose that can make a big difference when a storm hits an area. Our company installs these hurricane shutters Charleston SC over all doors, windows, and any other openings in a building. Therefore, in the course of a storm the strong winds and rains will be kept outside the house. We provide shutters that are strong enough and our technicians fit them securely so that they can withstand the force of the wind and all the debris that it will hurl around. A building that is effectively sealed can weather a storm very well.

Fabric shields
A fabric shield is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional metal shutters and we readily supply these to customers who opt for them. The fabric shields we provide are made from PVC-coated woven fabric.

There are several advantages associated with fabric shields. They are very light – in fact they only weigh about half as much as aluminum shields. Because of their light weight our customers find them easy to install once a storm warning has been issued. Another benefit of a fabric shield is that it’s easy to store when not in use. We provide our customers with storage tubes in which they’ll store their rolled-up shields. Additionally, because these shields are translucent they allow natural light to pass through and you will not experience complete darkness even when you are expecting a storm.

Because we want our customers to have maximum protection from storms we only give them the best Wayne Dalton hurricane shields. These shields are rigorously tested to ensure that they can withstand tropical storms. We also provide each customer with customized fabric shields and are able to take into account the dimensions of all your windows or doors to ensure that an appropriate shield is created for each of them.

Ours is one of the few companies that give lifetime warranties on hurricane shutters Charleston SC. We came up with this policy to assure our customers of our commitment to quality.