Hurricane Shutters

Coastal Service Company: Hurricane shutters that’ll protect and beautify your home.

Charleston-based Coastal Shutter Company is an undisputed leader in the provision and installation of shutters. The shutters we install in our customers’ homes serve two main purposes. One is to protect the home from adverse weather conditions, particularly hurricanes and tropical storms. You reference 2 purposes but only list one.

As residents of the South Carolina coast will confirm, these natural weather phenomena are usually very unforgiving to homes that are not well protected. Many people living along the coastal areas repeatedly lose property worth millions of dollars to hurricanes, yet much of the damage can be avoided by installing shutters. Advance protection is crucial for safeguarding your home from damage by storms and you can certainly rely on hurricane shutters from the Coastal Shutter Company to do so.

Our technicians will install shutters over each opening in your house so during a storm your window panes and doors won’t be shattered by loose debris and strong winds. We are all well aware that in stormy weather you are bound to have various objects flying around at high speeds and these “missiles” can smash through your windows and damage your property or even cause injury to people in the house.

Beautifying your house

Apart from protecting your house from damage hurricane shutters also serve another important role of adding aesthetic appeal to your house. Don’t we all want to live in attractive homes? Coastal Shutter Company supplies beautiful shutters that will make your house look even better once installed. We supply shutters in a variety of colors and designs so that you can chose the particular ones that please you. These shutters are meant to enhance your home’s looks and so it’s only sensible for you the homeowner to choose shutters whose colors match with those of your house.

Customer satisfaction

Coastal Shutter Company is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We serve discerning customers who want nothing but the best service, so we have a number of strategies in place to ensure that this is exactly what you get. For instance, we are one of the very few companies that give a lifetime warranty on all installations. Unlike other service companies our relationship with you doesn’t end as soon as the installation is over. On the contrary, the end of an installation marks the beginning of a lifelong relationship with us. We are always available to maintain or upgrade your shutters if you so desire. With our shutters in place, together with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, your home will weather every storm beautifully.