Plantation Shutters Charleston SC

Coastal Shutter Company: Protecting your home from tropical storms

Coastal Shutter Company in South Carolina is a top provider of shutters designed for decorative purposes, as well as offering protection from hurricanes. People with homes along the coast need protection from the strong tropical storms which frequent these areas. Our company supplies high quality aluminum shutters to coastal residents to help protect their homes from the damaging effects of tropical storms.

How aluminum hurricane shutters protect your house

Before we discuss how our shutters help protect houses from damage during storms, let us first understand what happens in stormy weather. During storms, houses along the coast are battered by winds moving at very high speeds. Because the wind is blowing very fast a pressure gradient is created between the interior and the exterior of a house, with the pressure inside often being much higher than the pressure outside. This pressure difference is often responsible for roof failure – that is, when a roof is torn off from the building. Since the wind is moving very fast and is full of loose debris, unprotected doors and windows quickly succumb to the ensuing impact. After the doors and windows are shattered the wind blows through the house, raising the pressure inside the house and thereby increasing the likelihood of roof failure. Once the roof is torn off your home the strong winds may start picking your belongings and hurling them far away while inundating your house with rainwater.

Coastal Shutter Company was created to help protect your house from this kind of scenario. The first thing our company does is help you decide on which type of hurricane shutters Charleston SC are best for your house. Our technicians will then build the shutters and install them on your house. With our many years of experience we are sure to supply reliable shutters that are also very easy to use. These hurricane shutters Charleston SC will help protect your windows and doors from being blown off by the wind. By helping you keep the strong winds out of the house hurricane shutters Charleston SC will in essence help ensure that your building will not be damaged. This means your belongings will be kept safe from ruin.

Quality guarantee
At Coastal Shutter Company we care about our customers’ wellbeing. We therefore only supply them with high quality aluminum hurricane shutters that can stand up to the strongest tropical storms. We back up our quality guarantee with a lifetime warranty so that our customers will not have to worry about tropical storms again.