Plantation Shutters

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Coastal Shutter Company: Your source of high quality plantation shutters

Coastal Shutter Company of South Carolina is the number one provider of quality shutters for homes along the East Coast. We supply quality shutters which are meant to help protect your house from the effects of the devastating storms that are quite common along this coastal area. These shutters also help add value and beauty to homes.

Our company offers a wide array of shutters so customers can select models that suit their houses best. We have a team of very qualified technicians who assist homeowners in selecting the types of shutters to install in their houses. Once the customer is satisfied with their selection we dispatch the technicians to the customer’s property where the shutters are promptly installed.

Our customers love plantation shutters

Many of our customers have requested us to install plantation shutters on their houses. This design of shutter is a wonderful choice or a home’s windows. It is also available in many forms. Additionally, it is generally installed inside the home rather than outside as is the case with other shutters. This shutter can be installed or hinged; the installed shutter is permanently affixed on the wall and cannot be moved whereas a hinged shutter is installed to one side of the window by a hinge so it can be moved away from the window if needed. We recommend the latter type of installation for bigger windows.

Before installing the shutters, our technicians will measure each window to determine their exact sizes to ensure each shutter is a proper fir for the window. Each shutter will then be installed inside the house covering the window from the inside. We recommend louvered plantation shutters with movable blades. This type of shutter is very convenient for a modern home. By moving the blades you can widen the slits to increase the amount of sunlight coming through the window. If you want greater privacy especially in the evenings you simply have to close the slits.
Customer choice

At our company, our goal is to provide each customer with the exact kind of shutters that they require. For example, we can customize the color of your shutters to complement the color of your walls. We also fit louvers according to customers’ choice –some prefer wide louvers while others opt for narrow ones. Coastal Shutter Company has built a solid reputation based on offering quality products and first-class customer service. We back up our promise of quality with a lifetime warranty on all the shutters we supply.