Roll Down Shutters

Roll Down Shutter

Coastal Shutter Company carries aluminum roll down shutters with either manual or electric controls.  Roll down shutters come in a variety of colors. Many customers demand shutters which they can deploy with minimal effort and speed. In this instance we like to recommend roll down shutters that can be deployed manually or by means of electric motors. A single person can quickly unroll this type of shutter by simply pressing a button.


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We all dread tropical storms, especially if you live in an area that is prone to them. There is no way to avoid them or stop them in their tracks before they reek havoc on our residential areas. As we wait for scientists to find a solution, we have no choice but to protect our houses as best as we can. This is where Coastal Shutter Company comes in.

We established the company with the purpose of providing residents of South Carolina’s coast with high quality shutters they can use to protect their houses from tropical storms. Customers use roll down shutters  to cover all the openings in their houses during storms. With the shutters in place, a house’s doors and windows are better protected from the strong winds that would otherwise shatter them to bits. We all know that as soon as the doors and windows are damaged during a storm, the roof is also likely to be ripped off. If this happens there will be nothing left to protect the residents of the house and their property. Area residents certainly need not be reminded about the importance of making storm preparations at the start of the storm season.

Our roll down shutters are very easy to use

Coastal Shutter Company supplies a variety of shutters so that customers can make informed decisions with regards to what they want. We respect our customers’ right to choose products they are most comfortable with. What we have done as a company is ensure that all shutter varieties are of very high quality, and more importantly that they are very easy to install when a storm is imminent. The amount of time between the issuance of a warning and the arrival of the storm differs from one instance to another. It is thus crucially important that homeowners be able to set up all their shutters within a very short time so that they are well prepared and secured by the time the storm arrives. We always keep this important detail in mind when designing and installing shutters for our customers.